Honda Accord Plug-in is More Efficient than the Volt and Prius

Honda claims the 2013 Accord plug-in hybrid has a better efficiency than its competitors Chevrolet Volt and Toyota Prius. From the result, fuel consumption reached 42.5 km per liter (kpl), while the Prius is 40.39 kpl and Volt  39.96 kpl. The recognition was presented by Yasuyuki Sando, Chief Engineer Accord plug-in.

Only, the cruising distance of Accord is still inferior to the Volt when relying only on battery power. Product of the United States was able to travel 56 miles before the engine life for recharging. While Honda is not as far as it because the engineers did not include large-capacity battery into the cabin. The consideration is the weight and volume of the cabin and the trunk.

"To maintain the balance of the car, we had to limit the size of the battery," said Sando as quoted by the Wall Street Journal, yesterday (10/9). With this condition still allows the Accord to compete at the Prius plug-in that can roam up to 17.6 km with only harness the power of the battery

Unfortunately, until now Honda has not announced the price range Accord plug-in. While the Prius plug-in has been released with a tag of  U.S. $32,000 and U.S. $ 40,000 before tax.


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