Chevrolet Volt More Efficient than Toyota Prius

Toyota Prius may be a leader in the best selling hybrid car in the United States (U.S.) today. The fuel economy factor, will soon be taken over by the Chevrolet Volt. The reason, GM has managed to develop a new battery that extends the distance to a single charge.

Chevrolet Volt Fuel Consumption

This new battery will be used starting next year and offer mileage 61 km or 4.8 km more away from the previous. When calculated based on fuel consumption on average, the ability of the Volt to 98 mpg (41.6 kpl) from the previous 94 mpg.

Beyond the ability of the Toyota Prius, 95 mpg (40.3 kpl), plus 15 miles (24.1 km) extra distance when using electric power only. By promoting this new battery, GM hopes to boost sales of the Chevrolet Volt. "I wanted the figures larger, '" said Andrew Farah, Volt Head of Design Development.

Without detailed explanation, Bill Wallace, Director of GM said, "The explanation is easy on batteries, we can create a cell with a better recipe. Analogy, similar mix vanilla with sugar to produce a more palatable cake."

Volt is listed as the best selling car can be recharged in the U.S. in May 2012 with sales of 1680 units, nearly tripling from the previous period. But the Prius is categorized as the third best-selling car in the world during the first quarter of this year. Volt with new batteries will be sold without raising prices, which is 39 145 U.S. dollars.


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