Tire Pressure Sensor "Friendly Use" from Nissan

The technology was created to facilitate human life. This philosophy is used Nissan Motor Company Limited to make the tire air pressure sensor is called "Easy-Fill Tire Alert". These features are used by Nissan as standard equipment of Altima sedan which is marketed in the U.S. 2012.

Nissan Tire Pressure Monitoring System
The system provides four tire pressure information from the main screen on the dash panel according to the specified standard car factory. When tire pressure is reduced, the driver knows from the cabin at that moment and the computer in  the car immediately asked for blow up.

Not only that, this system also helps the driver when charging air. Therefore, you do not have to worry about the accuracy of air pressure is required because the system is calibrated according to the factory standards. When plugging in the head hose of air charger to the tire, turn signal lamp (on the side of the tire which is filled) will flicker like will turn. This condition indicates the tire pressure as required.
When the air pressure equal to standard that captured in the memory of the car, the horn will sound once. At that time, the head of air charger should be removed from the tire. If the tire pressure is excessive, turn signal lights will flicker more quickly and the horn sounded three times. Therefore, the pressure is reduced until the horn sounds once.

Although seemingly simple, this technology will help a lot of drivers who are less concerned about the tire pressure. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, Fuel efficiency may increase to 3.3 percent just by keeping the tire pressure according to the standard specified. While other studies say that if air pressure is low (tends to blow out), the risk of accidents are three times greater.


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