Remove The patches in Car Body

Asphalt patches that stick to car body is very annoying. Moreover, the vehicle color white and silver, making a dirty look or seem like a human face full of acne. More dangerous, when it hardened spots difficult to clean and paint which exposed to so opaque. Hence, if there is time, once a week to control the car body.

patches removal

To eliminate it, no need to be taken to the garage polishing. You can clean it yourself without having to spend large funds as set out Aldy of SAS Bodywork.

Prepare a microfiber cloth or a soft cotton cloth, then spot cleaning liquid asphalt (tar removal) are widely marketed in the car accessories shop. When it is available, proceed as below.

Wash it first to clean the car body, then in a dry cloth. After that, spray the tar removal to a field that had no spots. Set aside some time (usually about 30 seconds). Then, wipe clean using a microfiber cloth and do it again if the stubborn spots.

Tar RemoverActually, there are the traditional way that can be done but not recommended the use of kerosene. "Kerosene can actually stain the asphalt. However, because these substances can remove a layer of wax, it is not advisable," said Aldy.

If it is difficult to get tar removal, then after the removal process - the same way as above - its better if the car is be polished again using wax so the paint isn't faded and shiny again.


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