Remote Control on the steering wheel of the Apple

Because more and more car owners to connect the iPod Touch or iPhone devices to car audio systems, Apple made a special music controller which allows the driver to change tracks without having to turn the eyes off the road. In fact, the hardware that will be mounted on the steering wheel is already getting a patent. According to Apple, there are 21 patents in this controller that plugs into the car audio system without wires (wireless).

Wireless Car Steering Wheel RF Remote Control for iPod

Command button
With remote control, the car driver can select specific tracks without lifting his hands from the steering wheel. In this tool, Apple complete with buttons to skip tracks, the "play" and "pause" to music, and the "menu" to access the album is different.

The buttons are very sensitive to the touch is also used to select or adjust the volume. The last of these would overlap with audio control buttons are increasingly used by car manufacturers, especially for new products. Nevertheless, of course, the benefits are to be felt, especially for owners of cars that have not been equipped with the buttons on the steering wheel.

Based on patent documentation, the driver can perform all navigation on the touch screen LCD album as widely used on the latest cars. With this expected, the driver can change the song while still looking into the street. This method is considered better than when put iPod Touch or iPhone that is held by the driver.

According Digitaltrends, under remote control, Apple includes a detachable parts, namely the battery compartment. Button type batteries are used, together with the hour hand.

Universal clamp
Apple plans to implement a universal way of installation using a clamp on the steering wheel. Nevertheless, not elsewhere specified, if the clamp or brace is made of aluminum, plastic, fiber glass, or other materials. The top of the remote can be rotated 180 degrees to the left or right (like iPod Nano).

Apple is also not told whether the control is used to wirelessly control the latest generation iPod Touch. Whereas, before, Scosche has developed a tool with a similar task, a wireless controller (remote control) is fastened to the wheel with Velcro and can control the iPod work.


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