Aston Martin Evoke Back SUV Loganda

European luxury automakers who have never played in the SUV segment, now begin to look. Bentley had demonstrated the EXP 9F concept at the Geneva Motor Show in March. Apparently, its appearance has been tickling Aston Martin to revive Lagonda,  SUV concept that they had exhibited in the same event in 2009. As well, the positive market response to the model is the reason for the resurrection.

"Lagonda need to be updated again with the emergence of the Bentley SUV concept that we consider to be the motivation. Lagonda will tighten luxury SUV competition in coming years," explained the new Aston Martin boss Ulrich Bez when an interview with Autocar last week. The new concepts can be seen in geneva next year.

British luxury car maker is seriously working on Lagonda because the variant will support the sale of their GT cars like the DB9 and DBS in China. "Indeed, sales of DBS in the global market is currently fighting to recover and China is a potential market. Given the supercar market to the U.S. and Europe are still depressed," says Colin Couchman, an analyst at IHS Automotive in Autocar.

China will become a major sales target for the Lagonda as the country's bamboo curtain GT Aston markets have not been match expectations. With the emergence of this variant is expected to boost the marketing. Means, a luxury SUV will be busy, ranging from Lamborghini Urus, Maserati Kubang, EXP 9F Bentley and Aston Martin Lagonda.


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