Honda introduced the New Hybrid System

After 13 years of struggling with hybrid technology, Honda has now introduced a new innovative hybrid engine. With It's hybrid technology Honda is ready to compete with Toyota and Ford.

In a press release of Honda, Monday (11/19/2012) This hybrid technology will replace the IMA hybrid technology that is old enough.

The technology called Honda Sport Hybrid has 3 system called Intelligent Dual Clutch Drive (IDCD), Intelligent Multi-Mode Drive / Plug-In (IMMD) and Super Handling - All Wheel Drive (SH-AWD).

The three hybrid system will be used on vehicles based on size. While for the transmission will have 7 speed  with double clutch. And as the driving electric motors Honda still entrust to use lithium ion batteries.

But though it would use 3 propulsion engines, combined with lithium ion batteries. Honda make sure that it's new hybrid vehicle has a lightweight body, because the chassis used to use lightweight materials.


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