Cadillac XTS with a Changing Instrument Panel Display

Digital information display technology - previously only exist on the computer - now more deeply into the automotive world. One of them, such that is used of GM's premium brands, Cadillac which is the instrument panel using a 12.3-inch color LCD screen. Greatness, can display 4 different menus and immediately replaced in accordance with the wishes of their owners. Cadillac instrument panel with Cluster Reconfigurable Gauge (CRG).

Cadillac xts 2013 panel

Actually, not just XTS using CRG. Some other premium manufacturers have set up this technology, the BMW 5 Series and 7 Series for the upcoming facelift version. Mercedes-Benz S Class facelift also use this feature when caught on camera when tested. .

Not only CRG, XTS 2013 also has another new feature, that is the safety of the driver's seat, Safety Alert Seat. How it works, the driver's seat vibrates when the radar signal capture car in danger. For example, too close to the vehicle in front or any other road users too close. Radar remote is hidden behind the logo, rear grille and  are connected to Brembo brakes in all four wheels. Furthermore, the brake is activated to reduce the speed according to the distance.

There are also infotainment services so-called Cadillac User Experience (CUE). Technology in the form of 8-inch touch screen monitor that can provide a response back when pressed and can also use voice command (voice command) to set the temperature control and radio.


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