To avoid smell, Clean the Car Interior Once in 6 Months

Dirty car interiors certainly reduce driving comfort. Many the driver underestimate the interior cleanliness. This fact can invite insects such as ants stopped in it.

Other ill effects from a dirty car interiors also can cause the car air conditioner smell. Of course this condition can disrupt the health of anyone who was in the passenger cabin.

Well, there's nothing wrong if you clean the interior of the car within a period of 6 months in order to maintain the car's interior clean.

"At least every 6 months the interior must be cleaned. And I recommend when driving make sure all windows are always closed so that dust does not get too much," advised the Head Shop Plaza Toyota.

He said if this is not done is not impossible to attract the attention of ants and other insects.

"The incidence of the smell of air conditioner and ants arrive, it's must not just once food is in the cabin. This is caused by the habits of the driver who is often bring food in the car," he said.

Parman was reminded of the importance of each the driver to continue to maintain the cleanliness of their personal car interior.

"When the driver rehearsal in the care of either interior or exterior vehicle, and when the driver is always done at service authorized, I'm sure the smell or animals (ants, rats, cats, mosquitoes) would not be there in the car the consumer,"


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