Never Wrong to Select the Rims

Choosing the rim is tricky. Not just a model, many things must be considered, especially regarding the safety and comfort. Here's tricks in choosing the rim.

The Rim Design
Not all rim design fits with the character of cars. For small cars like the Jazz, Yaris, March most appropriate to use the crossbar or finger models. While the The medium or bigger cars like the Toyota Altis, Honda Civic or a Mercedes-Benz C-Class match the type of monoblock. Can also use the crossbar model as long as the distance is more dense.

Rim Size
Remember! The use of a rim with a larger size than the standard could change some parts of the legs cars. For small cars, the maximum rim diameter is 17 inch . The Maximum rim diameter for the medium sedan is 18 inches and saloon can use up to 20-inch rims.

Wide rim is on the rise. If you want to use it, consider the space spakbor. Make sure when turning is still free or not stuck in the wall or a bottom plate section. It is recommended, a small cars, the maximum width of 7 inches, The medium 8 inches and 10 inches saloon.

The position of the rim should be parallel to the fender lip. For instance, the factory default size is 40. If you want more get into the position, then the number should be larger. Contrary, if you want to stick with the fender lip, the figure is smaller. The tolerance is to add or subtract 2 points from the default.


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