Mitsubishi i-MiEV Evolution to Hill Climb

Mitsubishi's motorsport division now has a new toy which put up a fight at Pike's Peak International Hill Climb, Colorado, United States, next July, the electric car called i-MiEV Evolution. Previously Nissan did the same on electric cars, Leaf last year.

Evolution uses an electric motor and battery which similar to i-MiEV mass-produced. Just a different engine power produced. If the standard i-MiEV uses a single 66 PS electric motor, Evolution is equipped with three motors (1 front, 2 rear) - 107 PS of each - with a total power 321 PS. While the battery capacity is twice than the standard, from 16 to 35 kWh.

Motion system is also changed. Whereas in the past only two rear wheels, now all-wheel drive. The system used Lancer copied from which proven reliability.

Thus, expected to help Hiroshi Masuoka (Dakar Rally champion 2002-2003) as a jockey to conquest of the rally field. As for tires, chosen for the profile 245/40 R18 (i-MiEV: 145/65 R15).

The design also changed to obtain the aerodynamic and the larger figure. The electric cars for rally is using the round pipe chassis and frame with a length of 4341 mm, width 1900 mm and 1339 mm wide.

To realize this intention, Mitsubishi took 20 vendors to build this project. Some of them which already known is GS Yuasa, HKS, Enkei and Dunlop.


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