Lexus Pulling GS 350 F back

Lexus Recall GS 2013 production due to an Electronic Control Unit (ECU) for the Variable Gear Ratio Steering (VGRS) found impaired. Further, not all GS models have the same problem, only happens on the GS 350 F Sport with rear-wheel. According to reports, about 650 Lexus GS units are called to be repaired soon.

To ensure the unit has a problem, the way is easy. Parked the car with the steering wheel is deflected. When the machine is turned on again, the wheel was about to be straightened out (also in a state car straight) can not go back to the middle position.

To overcome this, Lexus calls its users to bring their cars to the nearest dealer. VGRS ECU repair and calibration is only takes about 30 minutes.


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