How to Pursue Car thief

Theft of the car more lively with a variety of modes. Car manufacturers also continue to develop the technology anti-theft system, one with immobilizer. So, on the ignition there is a microchip that can transmit radio frequency signals to the ECU (engine control unit). Engine will not turn on when the key is revoked, even if using duplicate without the microchip.

Well, for cars not equipped with such systems, there are some aftermarket items to avoid missing car accessories offered in the store. Minimal make the thief work even harder.

Its nature as a means of slowing the work and mark when the car was trying to crack. "Thieves are now increasingly clever and keep abreast of technological developments alarm. On this basis, we continue to develop," said a technician CCAS as a distributor of Clifford. Usually a cheap alarm has only a remote sensor and anti start. As for the already sophisticated equipped with motion sensors, space and access codes can be changed at any time.

GPS Tracking
Technicians also recommend installing this tool to track or locate the vehicle that he knew his car was stolen. The device is mounted recessed and fitted with a GSM or GPRS cards to send data to the server. With such the device a car owners could find out the location of their car when it brought by a thief through the internet. There is even a product that offers the features that can shut down the machine with SMS system.

Utility breaker
The accessories seller and modifications workshop said breaker flow enough to make a headache of the thieves because car will not start. This system can be used to cut off the ignition, fuel pumps and electricity. Position must be concealed and installed using the appropriate cable to avoid shorting. This tool can not be installed on cars that have many modules.

The device is fairly varied and many are found in the store by offering an affordable accessory. Choice, there for the steering, brakes and tires that can inhibit the work of thieves and troublesome when doing his business. "There's more clever, hook swing arm with a chain padlocked to the floor. Because the place is hidden on the bottom, when thieves try to get the car would be shocked to snag the chain," said the technician from AP Speed ​​Shop who gets tips from one of its customers.


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