Evalia a New Hope of Nissan in the Global Country

Nissan Motor Company is committed to boost the commercial vehicle sales up to 100 percent in the fiscal year 2016. Nikkei (30/05/2012) reported, the Japanese second-largest podusen hope greatly to the sale of Evalia or NV200 in the world.

In addition, Nissan also intends to increase sales of other models such as pickups, vans, taxis, buses and others a half tons up to 7.5 ton commercial vehicles. During 2011, global sales of Nissan's global commercial vehicle 1.1 million units, still below Toyota's 2.84 million units.

Especially for Evalia, Nissan hopes to boost sales in developing countries such as Mexico, India, including Indonesia. In addition, with the election of NV200 as a fleet of taxis in New York, Nissan hopes the prestige of the mini van is blaring in the world. Began in October 2013, the number of NV200 which will enliven the city  "The Big Apple" to reach 13,000 units


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