Protect the Pedestrian, Volvo insert an Airbag in the Outside

For security, the manufacturer Volvo has always been at the front than others. When other manufacturers thought to protect the passengers in the car, Volvo had even thought to protect pedestrians.

Most recently, Volvo provided outside the car airbag will inflate in the outer glass to protect pedestrians hit by a car.

With a weight of about 2 tons more, the car is a vehicle that is harmful to pedestrians on the highway.

Well as the addition of Pedestrian Detection system features, Volvo introduced the world's first external airbag mounted in the Volvo V40 car.

Airbag is stored neatly in the bottom of the windshield, the airbag will inflate when triggered by the collision with a pedestrian in front.

Once hit a pedestrian, the hood will open a little and make the airbag inflates. So pedestrians will be protected when it hit her head or front of the car.


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