5 Technologies that Will trendy in the car

Increasingly evolving technology, including technologies that are applied in future cars. Of the various technologies available, this popular 5 technology that may be applied in future cars.

As quotes from USA Today, Wednesday (02.22.2012), John Kispert  CEO of Spansion is a company focusing on the vehicle computer system saying that there are five technologies that are likely to be popular in the future.

The following five technologies:

  1. Glass cockpit : Car of the future will use this glass cockpit. Glass cockpit according to Kispert will be popular in the future. Because the trend in the digital era will make the future more interactive dashboard like the cockpit of the latest generation of commercial aircraft.
  2. Driver Assistance : In the future car, the car definitely be 'smarter' than the driver. Radar and other sensors will be widely deployed in the predictable future cars that will be able to help the rider to predict events in the streets.
  3. Voice recognition technology : If every car currently still using a key as a means of contact between people and cars in the future a car is predicted to have  a voice recognition that will be capable to recognizes the owner. Cadillac had started it by using a sensor that is able to read the hand and in the future it is expected the technology would evolve into the voice recognition.
  4. Engine Control : Cars will be controlled by a computer. There have been many cars apply these methods in the future but it will be done better. Better Engine control  is predicted  will also be presented to adjust driving habits to traffic conditions so the car could know the power of what is needed in certain situations.
  5. Black Box :  The number of accidents in the world to make people aware of the importance of vehicle data recorder to find out the cause of a crash. Is it wrong vehicle or human error. That's why the existence of black boxes in cars is predicted to be a distinct trend in the vehicle industry in addition to the data can also be used to study the habits of motorists driving to look for ways to save more fuel


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