Working on an SUV, Lamborghini want to emulate Porsche

Lamborghini currently working on a third model which is an SUV, a model that 'closer' to the pavement than the existing car Lambo. Lamborghini apparently wants to gain the same success achieved by Porsche.

Reported by Reuters, the car will appear in Beijing to launch in 2016 was expected to repeat the success of the Porsche Cayenne SUV.

Cayenne became Porsche's best-selling model since its launch 10 years ago, with sales reaching 59 000 units last year and the most expensive price 121 000 euro.

"Porsche prove that they can and succeed, a surprise in the automobile industry," says Research Director of IHS Automotive Christoph Stuermer.

"SUVs may be cool, but it must be the fastest car on the planet and look extreme. If it looks like the BMW X5, it certainly would be a betrayal of the Lamborghini. People would be disappointed," said President  of Lamborghini Owner Club Andrew Romanowski.

Officials boasted Lamborghini SUV model that could improve profitability Lamborghini and the parent VW.


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