Toyota Prepare Concept of New City Car

Car manufacturer Toyota Ready to show off their latest city car concept. According to the plan of the concept car the Japanese manufacturer will be disclosed officially in March. This car was named the Toyota FT-Bh.

But before the time to show the Toyota FT-Bh arrived, Toyota also played first by showing a sketch of the Toyota FT-Bh before exhibited at the Geneva Motor Show.

According to Toyota, the FT-Bh is an affordable city car concept, and they say that this is not just only be a mere concept car but will also be produced sometime in the future.

Toyota as detikOto quotes from car magazine, Friday (10/02/2012), said that if the vehicle is designed to achieve low emissions with high fuel efficiency. So it's likely Toyota FT-Bh is an ultra-lightweight hybrid car.

In Geneva later, Toyota FT-Bh will be coupled with other Toyota cars like the Toyota Prius 86 to MK4, NS4 until hydrogen cars Toyota FCV-R which reportedly will be produced in 2015.

Do not forget, there is also a car with a touch panel on the exterior, Toyota Diji formerly known as Fun-Vii Hybrid and Toyota Yaris which is claimed to achieve efficiency levels of up to 80g/km mejeng will also be there.


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