Seat Belt Passenger Seat Mercy Sophisticated style, Can Lights

Passengers in the back seat usually find it difficult to find a seat belt because the belt sometimes tucked in between the bench. Although not too problematic, but certainly made ​​trouble.

Mercedes-Benz makes us no longer bother to find seat belt. Mercedes-Benz developed a system of active seat belt buckle belt buckle or active emerging from the back seat when the car door opened. Seat belt even more secure because of belt tightening immediately so passengers to wear.

How does it work? As reported by the official website of Daimler, Mercedes-Benz parent, so the back door open, there is an electric motor that automatically increase the length of the seat belt buckle approximately 70 cm.

Click! When the seat belt tongue is inserted into the buckle so the electric motor was pulled back buckle a maximum of 4 cm to ensure proper seat belts in passenger pelvic area.

Mercy also been thinking about when we open the seat belt. Especially when the accident occurred.

Buckle the seat belt will stretch and when the door opened again, the buckle will light to facilitate rescue personnel to find a seat belt.

Unfortunately, this sophisticated new seat belt just fitted in the cars of the most luxurious Mercedes. This system will also replace the pyrotechnic belt tensioning system that is mounted on Mercedes for several years.


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