The Newest Sexy Car, Nissan 370Z

One of the sexiest cars owned by the Nissan 370Z gets a lot of changes. And the new edition of this car was recently launched by the Japanese car manufacturer.

2013 model of Nissan 370Z  was launched at the Chicago Motor show that just opened February 8th until the 19th of February. In the new model, dubbed Fairlady cars that have appeared more attractive.

The most obvious improvements can be seen on the front where facia of this car looks updated with daytime running light LED which makes the car look more stylish than previous versions.

While in the back also looks new stern face of this car.

Japanese automobile body is then supported by the latest 19 inch rims are more sporty and dramatic even though the car in the rest with a braking system that borrowed from the GT-R.

"Since 1970 when it was first introduced Z Our goal is always to keep the more advanced designs," said Al Castignetti, vice president and general manager of Nissan North America, Inc. as quotes from caradvice, Thursday (02/09/2012).

"Changes to (model year) in 2013, although subtle, has been vastly improves the dynamic display both inside and outside," he added.

While the kitchen spur, Nissan 370Z still entrust a capacity of 3.7-liter V6 engine. Engine power is capable of reaching 245 kW with 363 Nm of torque boost are then provided with two options namely transmission 6-speed manual transmission and a 7-speed automatic transmission.


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