Keeper 07203 Waterproof Roof Top Cargo Bag

Waterproof Roof Top Cargo Bag
The particular Keeper Waterproof Top Top Cargo Carrier protects your products against road determination, sun, wind and also rain. With 15 cubic toes of space, this pack allows you to add additional cargo room as it's needed most. Its several cambuckle straps offer excellent attachment safety at highway rates.

My loved ones and I were creating a trip to West Texas to determine family for the actual Christmas break and needed the additional cargo room. I researched as well as researched these totes before I selected that one (I additionally considered the Rain-X 161040). After reading the reviews about the Rain-X 161040 and also the problems with the actual zippers, I chose the product. I was not really disappointed.

We own the 2007 Toyota Highlander having a roof rack as well as sun roof which cargo bag match perfectly. I could put a little duffel, large duffel, medium-small carry-on travel suitcase, a large container that measures (14" By 10" X 25") along with a smaller box. I also put several smaller items to assist fill it upward. In all, it held the majority of our actual baggage which allowed all of us to put all the Christmas presents within the back. I will admit our cargo bag had been stuffed. In truth, there were several places where the corners from the box rubbed pretty tightly from the cargo bag materials. I was concerned that throughout the trip the tote would rip because of friction and higher winds. I was also worried about the extreme chilly causing the zipper to possess issues (like the Rain-X 161040). We bought red-colored bungee cords to assist secure it, but following the trip up in order to Lubbock we realized it had been wasted money - there is no need for that extra straps.

We'd no troubles whatsoever. The bag organized great, especially about the tight corners We mentioned. There had been no sign associated with material wear. The zipper along with other metal parts organized well in the actual extreme cold (nicely, extreme to all of us; 10 degrees Farrenheit). The material is thicker than the usual typical rain tarp, but not therefore thick that its difficult to cope with. Zipping up the actual bag when it had been full was simple enough. We didn't notice a large decrease in energy economy. We typically obtain 22 MPG on the road; with the tote, we got twenty one MPG. We didn't discover any extra wind noise brought on by the bag. I did overlook to tie down the additional slack on among the straps and this did flap a great deal - but it was easily solved whenever we stopped for gasoline and I linked it down. Next, we didn't actually know the tote was there. Actually, I kept catching myself taking a look at our shadow to guarantee the bag was nevertheless up there. I actually do wish we had encounter rain so which i could have examined the waterproof-ness from the product. Like other people have said, it appears water proof. The zipper is protected with a flap (that velcro's within the zipper) that could prevent water from getting with the zipper. I have little doubt it would have protected the things from water.

In most, I'm extremely pleased with this bag. I love it because it organized in high wind gusts and stores neatly inside a small space within our garage. It's relatively inexpensive when comparing it to additional models and easier to cope with than the difficult shell cargo cases. It's quiet on the top of our vehicle and holds enough to assist out when we go see family over the state. I'm glad which i made this buy


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