Infiniti Prepare a new Concept Car

Japanese automakers, Infiniti again ready to show his class to show their latest concept car, Infiniti emerg-e. This car is a sports car that was carrying the dual system alias hybrid engine.

Infiniti's latest concept car is scheduled to be officially shown next month at the Geneva Auto Show. But for starters, Infiniti automotive enthusiasts intrigued the world with a show piece or a teaser image of this car first.

Of the pieces shown in the picture, looking stern Infiniti emerg-e show the canting sexy enough. This collage is a piece of the third image after their fishing by providing discount car pictures front and sides.

Infiniti emerg-e is present as a two-seater sports car is said to have workers who are able to satisfy the sports cars lovers, but still environmentally friendly.

Therefore, the gasoline engine that will be taken, though not yet known capacity will be paired with an electric battery.

With a combination like that, the car is expected to have the same power with another Infiniti concept car  Essence ever shown at Geneva in 2009. When the Infiniti Essence is also said to have brought hybrid system has the power to 600 bhp.

In addition to this car, Infiniti will still be expected to also show an electric sedan that is expected to be born in the New York Motor Show in April.


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