Ice Velvet , The Cold Peugeot 208

French carmaker offers Peugeot 208 Ice Velvet. This is a limited edition of 208 cars standard. This car was only produced as many as 650 units.

The 3-door supermini  from the fashion country according to Autonews France, Sunday (2/19/2012) will be sold in 18 countries in Europe with 208 units of which will be released in France.

Peugeot 208 Ice Velvet  itself is a limited edition car that has a look that is more cool than the standard version. Metallic paint whitewash on his body gave the impression of 'cold'.

Moreover, the color was then combined with the grille and foglight mysterious dark impression on a car that is supported by 17-inch rims.

The Standard features of this car include front lights with LED daytime running lights, panoramic glass roof with blue guide lights, large touch screen on the center console, satellite navigation, automatic climate control to the sports seats.

To make up for it all and bring this car into the garage, the car lovers in Europe need funds ranging from 23 500 euros.


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