The Dramatic of Audi TT

Audi TT is a mainstay of Audi coupe car that has long been popular among of the world automotive lovers. Well, the next-generation Audi TT, Audi is known to give a dramatic design combined with light weight but has improved performance.

Next new Audi TT, like quoted from Auto Express, Friday (02/10/2012) will be presenting something new that is more fresh design with light weight but has the efficiency and better engine performance than the current Audi TT.

To make that happen, the Audi engineers continued to work perfecting Audi TT with their counterparts in the VW Group, Porsche.

But, although assisted Porsche, Audi will continue to maintain its reputation as a maker of luxury and style cars but can be used for day-to-day.

Line of 2014 model car design is seen to have sharp curves and aggressive than the current Audi TT with the inspiration of the e-tron concept car that Audi had shown.

On the front looks more streamlined headlamp with a hexagonal lattice that is sharpened. While LED lights behind bolted wider.

The possibility of this car will start next year, Audi released the latest in 2014.


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