Buick LaCrosse: Bridging the Generation Gap

Made available in three trim levels that ranges from the CX to the CXS, the Buick LaCrosse sports four doors and has the capacity to take in a maximum of six passengers in its cabin. It is a luxury sedan from Buick. Upon its introduction, this sedan holds a 3.8 liter V6 engine as standard. This can take up to 20 mpg during city driving and some 30 mpg while on the highway. The Buick LaCrosse is known and marketed in Canada as the Buick Allure. This vehicle has actually replaced two Buick cars in the market which were the Buick Century and the Buick Regal.

Buick has created and crafted the Buick LaCrosse so as to bridge the gap between the old generation and the newer and younger generation. This is specifically due to the facts that most owners of Buicks were of the older generations with the average age around 68 years old. With the Buick LaCrosse, the company intends to also target a lower age bracket. This is due to this sedan’s newer, fresher, and younger design and features. This vehicle has curvaceous lines that seem to converge.

This vehicle holds a large front door to make entry and exit easier. It has a broad and flat dashboard that contains an integrated console. The instruments for the Buick LaCrosse are nicely designed and are very easy to read. This gives the driver an easy time to know the statistics of his driving as well as the vehicle’s performance. Adding to comfort and convenience are a dual-zone climate control, a driver information center, and a tilt and telescope wheel. The fresh design of the Buick LaCrosse is coupled up with a powerful new engine. It exudes new levels in comfort, quietness and totally responsive handling.

The Buick LaCrosse boasts of a collection of features that adds up to its comfort, performance, and handling. The list includes a new four-wheel disc brake system, standard dual-stage frontal air bags, a standard OnStar driver safety and security system, an available MP3 player, a factory-installed remote starting system which is the first for Buick cars and vehicles, side head curtains, air conditioning, an air filtration system, a cargo convenience net, carpets, cruise control, an electric defogger, power door locks, a keyless remote entry, the LATCH system, interior lighting, manual day and night mirrors, a remote vehicle starter system, power windows, a sunroof, noise dampeners that are strategically placed, safety belts, a theft deterrent system, an adjustable steering tilt wheel column, and power windows.

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