BMW Wants to apply for Saab

Swedish car manufacturer that also a subsidiary of GM, Saab, has declared bankruptcy. And to save Saab from  at least there are 6 to 7 companies that interest in buying the company, including a strong candidate from the China Youngman. Manufacturing of India Mahindra & Mahindra also get a list of bidders.

But there's a new, more surprisingly, the German car manufacturer BMW secretly interested in Saab.

As reported by the Left Lane, on Thursday (2/23/2012), if BMW become to get Saab, the BMW will use a platform that is owned by Saab Phoenix to build vehicles in the future.

Phoenix is a treasure trove platform owned Saab. Reasonable if the architectures to produce vehicles is preferred by many manufacturers including Youngman. Cool cars that use Phoenix platform is the Saab 9-3.

However, the certainty of  the purchase of Saab by BMW would have to wait longer. Because BMW did not deny nor confirmed the report.


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