SKYACTIV Technology in New Generation of Mazda

Mazda has introduced a technology called "SKYACTIV" future generations. This technology consists of six components of the vehicle, the gasoline engine, diesel engine, automatic and manual transmission, body, and chassis.

The highest and lowest
From all these technologies, the most proud of and is the first sequence is SKYACTIV-G, which is a direct injection gasoline engine with a compression ratio of 14.0: 1. Mazda also claim it as a gasoline engine in the world with the highest compression. The results of the test machine -which is mounted on the Mazda Demio, (outside of Japan called the Mazda2)- fuel consumption is 30 km / liter.

They also explained, with a high compression ratio, the engine fuel efficiency up to 15 percent, as well as torque. Nevertheless, this machine is still okay to use for day-to-day (usually a high compression engine for racing). The resulting torque is also increased and can be obtained starting from a low to moderate spin. For this, Mazda use the exhaust system 4-2-1 formation. The other part which also developed is hollow piston and injector with number of holes.

The latest technology and alsointeresting is the SKYACTIV-D, the diesel engine with a compression ratio of the lowest in the world, 14.0: 1. They say, this machine uses a two-stage turbocharger. With a low compression ratio, the sound is very smooth engine.

However, the machine remains responsive from low speed to high. In fact, the resulting torque increases and obtained from the low speed range up to 5200 rpm. In addition, according to Mazda, this engine meets the emission standards Euro6.

Transmission & chassis

For transmission, Mazda says the new technology SKYACTIV-Drive. This new generation automatic transmission is very efficient and able to combine all the advantages of a conventional automatic transmission, CVT and double clutch transmission.

For manual transmissions, the updates make the gearshift move so much faster and easier. Transmission due to the smaller size of the repaired structure.

Turning to the body, called the Mazda SKYACTIV-BODY. Bodi is eight percent lighter than before, but also more robust. Ability to withstand a collision claimed more steady. It was obtained as per the order made by a straight structure.

Speaking of the chassis, there SKYACTIV-Chassis. Development focused on reducing the weight and make the control more stable. Another development is the front strut and multi-link suspension with the weight of the more light, but with increased strength (around 14 percent lighter chassis than the old Mazda).

Mazda's first product that will use the latest generation of this technology is SKYACTIV Demio. Product will be marketed in Japan in the early first half of 2011.

About the development of this technology, Takashi Yamanouchi, Representative Director, Chairman of the Board, President & CEO of Mazda, said, "Mazda is updating the entire engine, transmission, and platform product line. Mazda also changed the production process, from research and development, to into mass production. We must innovate in all areas of technology. "

Mazda calls this plan as ambitious strategy!


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