Top Ten Ways to Save On Your Auto Insurance

Our experience helps you save on your car insurance.

Most drivers have no idea how much the cost of car insurance can and does vary. Isn’t it time to find out just how much auto car Insurance could be saving you?

10. Maximize discounts for safety equipment

Whether it’s a vehicle you own or are buying, know how these features affect the cost of your car insurance.

9. Install anti-theft systems
Protecting your vehicle from theft can save you even more money on your car insurance rates.

8. Join a car-pool
Discounts may be available if you car-pool or qualify for mileage credits.

7. Take a driver training course
Driving smart is not only important, it may earn you discounts on your car insurance rates as well.

6. Research student driver discounts
Don’t overlook good student discounts, or the need to update your car insurance policy if you have a college student driver.

5. Purchase a full 12-month policy

Eliminate six-month price increases and reviews with an annual policy.

4. Adjust your Collision/Comprehensive Insurance
The age and condition of your vehicle are important factors to consider.

3. Select higher deductibles
Adjusting your policy deductibles could yield instant savings.

2. Combine auto and home insurance policies
Simply having your auto and homeowners (or renters) insurance with the same company could earn you surprising savings.

1. Drive Safely
Safe drivers should earn rewards that grow each year—are you?
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